This forum was established in 2008 when the idea arose for two London universities to come together and discuss training in academia. Imperial College London and University College London were the first to host the National Institute of Research Integrated Academic and Clinical Training pathway. However, despite years of research no discussion with regards to training had occurred. With the support of the newly established Pan-London Anaesthesia Academic Training Advisory Group (PLAATAG), part of the London Academy of Anaesthesia, we are establishing this forum to incorporate all London schools of anaesthesia and universities.

This forum intends to break historical barriers between institutions, disseminate knowledge and create an excitement for academia in trainees, ultimately revitalizing research in perioperative medicine. We thank Dr Rob Ginberg (Head of the London Academy of Anaesthesia) and Professor Martin Smith (Chairman of PLAATAG) in supporting this vision.


  • Increase the profile and attraction of research and innovation within Perioperative Medicine.
  • Improve and support academic training in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine.
  • Include all professions involved within the pathway of research translation, from basic researchers to clinical healthcare professionals.
  • Improve and support collaboration and networking throughout London.
  • Promote engagement with academic organisations, funding bodies, as well as other specialties and the general public.
  • Develop London as a centre of academic excellence in our specialty.
  • A forum led by trainees for trainees.

See our recent article in the RCOA bulletin.

See here for our previous meetings.

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