EBPOM Trainee Satellite Feedback

July 13, 2010 in Feedback by Admin

Please take the short survey bellow and let us know what you thought, it is completely anonymous. (11 short questions)

Press NEXT to advance through questions. When you reach the last question click SUBMIT to submit the survey. Your attendance certificate may be downloaded using the link below once the survey is complete.

Research section - content and delivery (Tony Gordon/Roman Cregg)

Clinical section - content and delivery (Rob Broomhead/ Chris Holland)

Management section - content and delivery ( Tim Wigmore/ Geoff Bellingan)

UK vs USA training - content and delivery (Lesley Bromley/ Tony Roche)

Research presentations -  (Brij Patel)

Research presentations - (Arnab Ghosh)

Structure and management of day

Quality of food/catering/breaks

Quality of venue

Overall how would you rate the day?

What would you be interested in seeing next year? Any other comments?

Download your certificate here after finishing the quiz